Disc Golf Coach

Disc Golf Coach is your own trainer right in a pocket. Improve your disc golf skills by playing games and compare your score with friends. There are two games available at the moment. C1 Putts - inside the circle confidence putting game and Survival - putting game that simulates tournament pressure. Expect other disc golf games coming in the future!

C1 Putts

Game for inside the circle putts.
Mark distances 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 meters from the basket and take 5 of your putters. The game consists of 20 rounds and each round consist of exactly 5 putts, that means you throw exactly 100 putts in each game. For every putt you hit, you get the number of points according to the distance in meters.
- 10 meters - 10 points
- 9 meters - 9 points
- 8 meters - 8 points
- 7 meters - 7 points
- 6 meters - 6 points
- 5 meters - 5 points

That means that the score for the round is calculated by multiplying the distance with number of successful putts.

The first round starts at 10-meter distance and number of successful putts in this round determines the distance for the next round.
5 successful putts - 10 meters in next round
4 successful putts - 9 meters in next round
3 successful putts - 8 meters in next round
2 successful putts - 7 meters in next round
1 successful putt - 6 meters in next round
0 successful putts - 5 meters in next round

First round the player always starts from 10 meters, he hits exactly 3 putts. That means his score after first round is 30 (3×10) and the distance for second round is 8 meters. From this distance he hit 4 putters. His score for second round is 32 (4×8) and overall score 62 (30+32). He continues from 9 meters in the third round.

The maximum number of points you can score is 1000. And that is all you need to know! If it seems complicated don’t be afraid, the game tells you the right distance and calculates the points. Good luck!

This scoring system is created by Markus Lindqvist (JYLY)


The meaning of the Survival game is to get the player under pressure, every putt is crucial. The game itself is pretty short, focus on each putt as it is the one that can win you a tournament. That is the only way to achieve the best results.
The goal of the game is to reach the furthest distance from the basket. Player needs exactly 3 putters. The game starts at 3-meter distance from the basket and player has just one life. From this distance, player throws 3 putts and then continues according to these rules:
3 successful putts - player moves 1 meter further from the basket,
2 successful putts - player stays at the same distance,
1 successful putt - player loses one life and stays at the same distance,
0 successful putts - player lost.

Player gets one bonus life if he hits 3 successful putts from that distance on the first try.

In the next round player continues again with 3 putts (either from the same distance or 1 meter further) with the same rules. The game ends when player is out of lives or when he misses all of the 3 putts in one round.

In the first round player scores 3 putts from 3 meters, that means he gets one bonus life and advances 1 meter further. He scores 2 putts from 4 meters in the next, therefore he stays at the same distance and still has 2 lives. Then he hits all 3 putts from 4 meters, he advances to 5 meters but doesn’t get a bonus life (it took him 2 tries). In the next round from 5 meters he only hits 1 putt and therefore loses one life and stays at 5 meters. Then he hits only 1 putt again, loses his last life and the game is over. The furthest position from the basket he achieved - his score - is 5 meters.

As always, our app will help you with the distances and number of lives, just follow the information on top of the screen and input the number of successful putts. Let the best survive!